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Forensic Audit

  • Increasingly, carriers are losing in court. Juries give huge awards due to implied perception of wealth and the inability of most carriers to provide documentation mitigating or subrogating the risk.
  • Smart, Proactive motor carriers are protecting themselves by hosting a Forensic Audit, a "Mock Audit" with more than the DOT in mind from the start.
  • Forensic Audits are only as good as the experience, reputation, and certifications of the company that performs it. 


When the “Rubber Meets the Road? are you going to be prepared for the 2010 initiatives?

Many will not be.  We have and will continue to train & implement our management strategies to ensure the readiness, or our fleets. 

  • Management Readiness Training

  • Driver & Staff Training

  • Risk Management Assessments

  • Preemptive Implementation Strategies

  • Progression Initiatives

  • Ongoing Back Office Services

Immediate Risk

Every 8 seconds in the United States today, a commercial motor vehicle is involved in an accident. One bad choice, one unqualified driver, one time is all it takes for it to crumble all around you or your company.

"Inspect what you Expect!" Ronald Wilson Reagan


We invite you to contact us today to discuss how we can help you and your company, meet the ever-changing and increasingly more complex demands of Safety and Risk Management.


“You gave great input into the world of DOT Compliance.?

 Tim Harry, Transportation Manager  M Hanna Construction Company




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